I’m Louise Wallace Richmond. I’m a mom, business owner and community volunteer in Salmon Arm. I live in Canoe, am married to Dave Richmond and we have two boys in grade school.

I moved here in 1999. I was meant to stay for a year. But I fell in love with this place and decided I would need to find a way to make this my home. Over the past fifteen years, I’ve managed to do that. And not a day goes by that I don’t consider myself lucky to live here.

But living here comes at a price. Many of us call it the Shuswap Tax. If we lived elsewhere, we might have bigger homes and healthier bank accounts, but we chose to stay because it’s Salmon Arm. Truth is, we’ll never be Fort Mac or Calgary or West Van. We are who we are. A small community on the shores of a beautiful lake that continues to re-invent itself – from our agricultural roots to our forestry industry – from our coffee houses to our world class Roots and Blues Festival – we’re capable of great things. Of that, I am sure.

We live in uncertain times. I know we can agree on that too. And uncertainty leads to caution. I feel the city has done a good job of holding the line on tax increases and meeting our obligations. I respect that. But I also think that uncertainty can be a period of great innovation – and I’d like to see more of it. We have plenty to offer. This town is stuffed full of talent. Indeed, in the decade I’ve lived here I’ve seen Salmon Arm do many things that other communities simply could not do.

If elected, I’d use all the tools at my disposal from my training (Honours degree in Economics, Masters degree in Publishing) and experience (President, Mediability Corporate Communications) and volunteer work to make sure we do more than meet our obligations. That we meet our expectations and aspirations too. We have to be open to fresh thinking.


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