2022 – Here we go!

Campaign Pledge – Responsive, respectful, realistic and reasonable

First and foremost, I make the following pledge, as I did in 2018, as we now enter the official election period.

During this campaign, I pledge, as a candidate, to be responsive, respectful, realistic and reasonable. I will not engage in derogatory, disrespectful or accusatory language. Nor will I engage with those who may choose to do so. There will be zero tolerance for offensive language or bullying of any kind. Our job, as a community, is to engage in proactive and positive dialogue about the future of our community. It’s a key component of leadership.

Campaign Approach – Know your city. Love your city

Campaigns are ideal opportunities to share information about our city, its promise and potential The focus of my campaign will be to highlight what our community has to offer. In my work over the last eight years, I have noticed that many community members might not know all the work that is done by the city for its citizens. The more we know, the better we are. That will be my focus.

Campaign Principles – Connection, Understanding, Sustainability, Forward-thinking

Communities thrive when community members feel connected to their public spaces. We know this works. We’ve seen it through the Farmers Market, the Innovation Centre and the newly opened ZEST Food Hub. Place-making is a powerful planning tool that gives citizens that vital connection.

Understanding is key to leadership. Open and transparent processes with opportunity for public input is critical for healthy decision making. Municipal government is a child of Provincial government. We must abide by the Local Government Act and Community Charter. These are important safeguards of legislation assuring diligence and minimizing liability. The City of Salmon Arm is a legal entity and Council plays a quasi-judicial role. As such, all elected official swear an oath of service and agree to a Code of Conduct.

Sustainability refers to being mindful of maximizing the use of the public purse to provide essential and specialized services. From asset management to climate adaptation measures, we maximize the expense of public funds over the short, medium and long term.

Forward-thinking means keeping a keen eye on needs to happen next. In the not too distant future, our youth, like my young adult children will lead this city. By committing to forward thinking, we better equip them for future challenges. I have in past terms worked with local students and plan to do more of that this term. I see it as a critical obligation. We’ll be in good hands.

Campaign Contact – Call, E-mail, Social Media Messages

Your messages are welcome and will be replied to within a reasonable time span.

Call or Text – 250 833 5554
E-mail – lwmediability@gmail.com
Facebook – @lwallacerichmond
Twitter – @lwmedia
Instagram – @louisewallace9103

Campaign Support – Sharing and Signage

Having already acquired signs, I will not be raising money for this campaign. If you want to show your support, please share social media posts to your network. I’m always honoured to share my campaign signs with supporters. Just reach out and I’ll see to it that you get one.

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