I have a confession to make

As a professional who works in design every day of her life, and, as a community member running for re-election for local council, I need you to know that I really really dislike campaign signs. They are boring. And they pollute the landscape. But I’m also practical. They are a necessary evil. So I thought long and hard about what, exactly I would do to meet that need without sacrificing my soul. And here’s what I came up with. A love letter to my city. I need you to know that I love you. I love your willingness to step up, to volunteer, to act, to challenge, to ask for a better city. So I had some signs printed. I want you to know that, regardless of outcome, Salmon Arm deserves good, independent leadership. We are the most liveable small city in Canada. And together, we will take care of each other. We will respect each other. And I believe in you and together, we will get the job done. If nothing else, please, please vote on October 20th. And if you already vote, please, please bring someone to the polls who doesn’t normally vote. Our biggest power as human beings is the willingness and ability to make decisions. As an aside, I spoke to a group of young people this evening and my main message was that I learned to love making decisions and one day, their decisions will shape our world. #awinforus #awinforthem #salmonarm42595332_1886829458291683_1175183024476651520_n

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