By the numbers


The work is done. Now it comes down to the numbers. Win or lose, it’s been a meaningful few weeks of campaigning. I enjoyed meeting new people and visiting with familiar faces. Am thankful to my neighbours, my friends and mostly my family for being such good sports about the whole thing.


Thank You!

See you after the polls close. A few numbers to keep in mind as you head to the ballot box.

Population of Salmon Arm 17,085
Number of eligible voters (est) 12,982
Ballots cast in 2011 5,108
Voter turnout 39%

City of Salmon Arm budget (est) $30,000,000
Number of households 7,700
Median Earnings (2010) $38,147
Median Age 48.2

Candidates for Mayor 4
Candidates for Council 15

Number of votes it takes to make a difference? One.

Please vote.


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