We are the runners. You are the time clock.

Now – with two days to go until the vote is finalized – is a good time, in my view, to thank all the candidates and their dedicated support teams for running. We all want to cross that finish line, look up at the time clock and see that we’ve made the cut. Truth is, only one mayoral candidate and six councillors will make it in Salmon Arm. But we’ve all run a race and for that, we should all be proud. It’s hard work. And I won’t lie. I’m a bit tired and a bit nervous but I know I can find it within me to make that final push to the finish line. I know this of my fellow candidates too. It’s important to me that citizens recognize the commitment and dedication of those who run for public office, win or loose.

But mostly, it’s important for candidates to recognize that the electorate is monitoring the race, keeping time, making decisions, weighing options, asking questions and getting informed.

As a candidate, I am grateful to you. Your job is more important than ours. We are the runners. You are the time clock.

48ish hours to go. tick, tick, tick.

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