Why run?

Living in Salmon Arm has taught me many things. Being a neighbour is about more than sharing a property line. Treating people like family extends beyond the comforts of home. Success in business is about the front line as much as the bottom one.

As I watch my children grow, my business expand and my community evolve, I want to make sure we meet our obligations, our expectations and our aspirations.

There’s room for new thinking; for the dreams of our young people, the needs of our seniors, the prosperity of our community and the sustainability of our environment.

With an open door, an open mind and an open heart, there’s room for us all.

4 thoughts on “Why run?

  1. You wrote in your personal blog “I’m running for municipal council in Salmon Arm – and if you’re curious as to why (quite frankly, so I am)”… We don’t need somone on council with that kind of uncertainty.

    • Many people have commented that they don’t know why anyone would run for council. It’s seen as a thankless, time consuming job where you’re criticized for what you do, one way or the other. I too have wondered about this. But I’m taking a chance knowing full well that having not done this before, I’m in for some surprises. I don’t think it helps to pretend to know everything right off the bat. Running for council, like taking any chances in life, is a risk, one I’m prepared to take and approach with openness and honesty, which brings with it a certain amount of uncertainty. That’s my view. I’ve changed my personal blog to restate this. Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the feedback.

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